Healthy habits to take with me in 2021

New year, same me, right? Except that I do want to introduce a few healthy habits, 5 actually. Let’s see how I get on with these habits.

How to get organised in 2021: the start

I know that becoming organised is a very daunting thing. It seems absolutely impossible, right? But, it’s not! You just have to know where to begin. Welcome to these new series on how to organise! I’m very passionate about this…

Basic clothing items of a wardrobe for …

Depending on your job and your lifestyle, the basics of your wardrobe are going to be slightly different. However, some clothing items everyone has or should have or needs. So, I will list the most essential items every woman should…

Racism: through the eyes of my students

Lately, racism has been in the news quite a lot. Finally. So, since I can finally teach again, I had another talk about racism with my students. We talked about white privilege and what’s been going on in the world,…

Morning routine: wake up excited and awake

I know, I know, too many people have already written and talked about their morning routine. Talking about how to wake up at 5 am, how to start your day to be productive, how to be healthy and so on.…


Makeup look: autumnal inspiration and drugstore products

Today is a very important day, well, for me anyways: my first makeup look is going live! I’ve been playing around with makeup for about two years now and I really do love experimenting with different eye shadow colours. Since…


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