Welcome to Eve’s Mess!

Hi, I’m Eve!

Nice to meet you! I hope you enjoy my little corner of the internet. It’s full of lifestyle bits and bobs and plant-based articles. However, I didn’t want this space to just be my corner, I wanted it to be a place where other people can share their stories. So, that is what you will find here. Anyone who has a story to tell can be featured on my blog! All these stories are featured underneath ‘Stories of the world’. Be sure to check those out!

As you may have noticed already, this blog talks about a whole lot of different things, but that just really shows that it truly is about my mess, my life. As a human being I have always been curious about anything and everything, and I basically share those things with you. It’s meant to make your life easier, but at the same time I hope it makes your life a bit more fun too.

Now, how can I properly describe myself? I am a plant-based teacher, a student, a fashion lover, a photographer, a writer, a mug hoarder, a music addict, a nature lover, a creative mind and an absolute book geek. I think that pretty much sums me up. These are the things that are most important to me and that I am passionate about. There are obviously more things to me, but you will discover those aspects throughout my blog.

It’s definitely going to be quite the road, but I am ready for it! So, sit back, relax, grab a cup of tea and enjoy this blog. I hope you find it interesting, inspiring, funny, honest and informative.

Lots of love