Healthy habits to take with me in 2021

New year, same me, right? Except that I do want to introduce a few healthy habits, 5 actually. Why? Well, let’s be honest this Covid19 thing isn’t going away any time soon, so I’m going to just try and live with the situation we’re in. So, no more Netflix all night every night. Time to be a bit healthier (mentally and physically). Note that I said a bit, because I’m still just starting out.

Every year I set new intentions and I actually keep up with them for a whole week. That’s at least 1/52 of the year, right? Small wins. However, this year feels a bit different for a couple of reasons. One of them is that 2020 has taught me a lot. It showed me what’s really important in life and that is mainly what led me to these healthy habits. They’re not groundbreaking or unachievable, which is a first. No bullshit about losing weight or working out an hour every single day.

So, let’s start with the first item on my list: get outside every single day. Even if it’s only for 10 minutes, I need to get fresh air into my system every single day. I often don’t feel like it, because I’m too busy (absolutely ridiculous), so I’m now forcing myself. Going for a short walk is better than hours and hours of Netflix.

Lake walks

Next up: eat more fruits and vegetables. No bullshit about being healthy all the time or only having salads anymore. I just want to add more fruit and veggies. So far, I haven’t been craving sweets or crisps as much, because I’ve been too full. Doesn’t mean I’m not having them anymore, just less than usual (which means not every single day).

Vegetables – photo by Sanket Shah on Unsplash

For anyone who knows me, I didn’t forget about planning and organising. During the last couple of months in 2020, I didn’t use my bullet journal as much anymore, because I didn’t see the need to plan anyting anymore, since I did not (and still do not) have a life. However, I do still have a job and household chores. And, I noticed that I was just forgetting so many things all the time, because I wasn’t on top of it anymore. So, I’m a month into using my bullet journal again, and I feel great! My mind is so much calmer and I don’t miss anything anymore (well not anything, but it’s a lot better). There’s a post coming on organisation soon, that’s where I’ll show you how I organise my life.

Bullet journal

Now my next habit might seem a bit weird to people who know me: I want to read more, even though I already read quite a lot. I especially want to read more classics, like Charles Dickens, and Spanish books, as well as more fiction and non-fiction books. Okay, so basically any kind of books.

Books on my to read list

Finally, I read something the other day that really reasonated with me: “Don’t be busy, be productive”. It really struck a chord with me. Being busy means not having time, being anxious, having a full mind, not sleeping, etc. However, being productive means that you organise your tasks and your life in a healthy manner and still finish everything on time. And that is exactly what I’ve been doing. I’ve been dividing my work into workable segments, making sure that I reach all my deadlines. My head is calm, I’m not overwhelmed, I finish all my work and I have time to relax and cook and exercise. It’s amazing.

So, let’s see how I get on with these healthy habits. Maybe I’ll have forgotten all about them by next month. We’ll see, won’t we?

What are some of your intentions?

x Evelien x

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