Basic clothing items of a wardrobe for women

Depending on your job and your lifestyle, the basics of your wardrobe are going to be slightly different. However, some clothing items everyone has or should have or needs. So, I will list the most essential items every woman should own in my opinion and I will explain the why behind the item at all. The clothing items I will talk about are mostly staple items that will make life easier to put outfits together and these items will help you find your own style.

Must-have shirts

White shirt

This may be the most worn clothing item in my entire wardrobe. It is the easiest shirt to combine with everything. And by everything, I do mean literally everything. Pair it with a floral blazer, a printed pair of trousers, colours of all sorts, etc. Now, I personally like my white shirt a bit more loose, so that I can tuck it into jeans, trousers or skirts, without everything being too tight. I personally have some completely white shirts and some with a small print on them, so that I can change it up.

Tank top

Tank tops are my favourite clothing items to wear in summer. They are very easy to throw one and always look good with a nice skirt. I personally have a black, blue and white top, so that I have one to go with every kind of skirt. It’s also incredibly easy to pair with light jackets. Solid colours for the win! Especially, if like me, you like wearing colours and prints, they are perfect to pair with and you will always have something to wear, trust me. Most of the times putting together an oufit is only difficult because you miss the basics. So hooray for this list!

Trousers for the win

High waisted jeans

There’s only so much you can say about a pair of jeans, normally. But oh my lord, do I love high waisted jeans. They just fit me perfectly and they are so comfortable. Because of that, I have never understood it when people told me wearing jeans was uncomfortable. So, go out to the store and find the perfect pair of high waisted jeans, it’s worth it. And, yes, believe me, I do hate trying on jeans, somehow my size is always different and it always results in having some sort of breakdown. However, don’t let them get you down! You have got this! And, it’s so nice to have a great fitting pair of jeans.

Black jeans

This is another essential clothing item. Black jeans are so chique and look so effortless at the same time. They’re very easy to pair things with and always look good. So, if you always have problems pairing things together, a pair of black jeans will be your best friend.

Blazers & cardigans

Long cardigan

In winter, I love my long cardigans, paired with a pair of ankle boots. It gives you an instant chique look. It’s very easy to put together and you don’t need a lot to make this outfit work, yet you will look extremely put together. I would, for example, take a white shirt, black jeans, long cardigan in a nice colour and then a necklace to go with it. Obviously I would also have my trusty ankle boots to finish the look. And, there you go. Perfect outfit, with only basic clothing items.

Blazer in a neutral colour

First of all, neutral can mean many different things. To me, it’s just whatever solid colour that suits me. I personally love burgundy blazers, but I do also have a black one, because that’s just a classic clothing item.

Statement blazer

Maybe this isn’t a basic piece for everyone, but I think everyone should still have this. Sometimes you just want a clothing item to say a bit more and to show your personality. I have a few blazers that do just that and I love them dearly.

Shoe addicts

White sneakers

I must admit, it took me a long time to buy a pair of sneakers. I thought they just didn’t look good on me. But, I was wrong! I found me a perfect pair, white with a touch of colour and they are perfect. They are the perfect match for every single outfit. It’s also easy for summer. I love heels, I wear heels, but sometimes I just cannot deal with them at all. That’s where sneakers come in! They look great, they are comfortable, and you can do whatever the hell you want in them. Going for a walk? Sure! Having fun with friends? Hell yes!


Finally, ankle boots! I have mentioned them before, so I think it’s clear that I love ankle boots. I have a few pair, I must admit. And, I love them all. It’s the thing I look forward to every single year and I always get sad when I have to change the boots for sandals. You can go for a classy black pair, or you can go a little crazy and go for a statement pair of boots, whichever suits you. I personally have boots, which probably doesn’t come as such a surprise.
These are still on my wish list!

I hope this list will help you a bit when it comes to putting together outfits in the morning. There are so many more posts coming on this topic, because I just want you to look good and feel good every single day. You deserve to.

x Evelien x

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