Make-up brushes: part 2

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Today it’s time to continue our journey through the basics of make-up. In this post I will talk about the brushes I use the most, namely the brushes you use for your eyes. As I will explain in another post, I rarely use the burshes mentioned in the first part of this series. So, let’s get started!

overview makeup brushes used for eyes

In the picture above, you can see all the brushes in the set together with their name. However, in case the names don’t mean anything to you, I’ll quickly explain what each brush is for below. It took me a while to learn too, so having this guide might be the thing you were just looking for.

1300 Tapered Coneal Buffer Brush
1300 Tapered Coneal Buffer

Let’s start this guide off by talking about a brush that can take away those dark (in my case blue and purple) circles from underneath your eyes. Nevertheless, instead of this brush you could also use a blender to blend in your concealer. It really depends on what you prefer.

5700 Precision Pencil Brush
5700 Precision Pencil
5500 Precision Smudge Brush
5500 Precision Smudge

These two brushes are perfect to add some colour on your lower lash line or to smudge your eyeshadow/ eye pencil. I use them almost every day, because I like adding a bit of colour to my lower lash line; whether it’s purple or just a bit of black. Which one you use more again completely depends on your own preference.

5900 Flat Definer Brush
5900 Flat Definer

The flat definer can be used to do your eyebrows or to apply a line on your upper and lower lash line. I also at times use it to put some highlight right underneath my eyebrows. As you can see, it’s very versatile.

5150 Shader Brush
5150 Shader

If you’re just starting out with make-up this is the brush you will mostly use. It is used to apply colour all over your eye lid.

5000 Detail Shader Brush
5000 Detail Shader
5050 Precision Shader Brush
5050 Precision Shader

The two brushes above are used to apply colour in a more detailed way. You can, for example, use these brushes to apply a lighter colour in the corner of your eye.

6600 Precision Fluffy Blender Brush
6600 Precision Fluffy Blender
6200 Pointed Blender Brush
6200 Pointed Blender
6300 Precision Tapered Blender Brush
6300 Precision Tapered Blender

The three brushes above do the same thing; they all blend colours. If you want to add a colour in your crease to blend with the colour on your eye lid, these are the brushes to use. The only difference between these brushes is the shape and again, the one you use depends on your own preference. Since you get three different blenders in this pack, I usually use one for darker colours and one for lighter colours. The one that’s left is then used to blend even more and remains kind of clean. I say kind of, because it obviously picks up colour from blending.

7000 Precision Eyeliner Brush
7000 Precision Eyeliner
7300 Bent Eyeliner Brush
7300 Bent Eyeliner

You can use these two brushes to, you’ll never guess, apply eyeliner. What I didn’t know is that you can also use eyeshadow as eyeliner and that’s where these brushes come in handy. I personally have not yet used these two brushes, since I’m just shit at applying eyeliner on my upper lash line. However, I will give them a try in the near future.

8200 Brow Liner Brush
8200 Brow Liner
8100 Angled Brow Brush
8100 Angled Brow

We are onto the last two brushes! And let me tell you something the 8100 brush has forever stolen my heart. It is just perfection itself. I love it to do my eyebrows with. The 8200 brush is a bit smaller and a bit harder, but that 8100… Damn. No words. Get some powder and get this brush and your eyebrows will just be goals (as they say).

I hope you found this guide to makeup brushes informative and easy to use. I can’t wait to hear all about your makeup looks. Enjoy playing around with them!

x Evelien x

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