The relaunch of Eve’s Mess

Welcome to the relaunch of Eve’s Mess!

How are you doing today? I am so excited! Today is the day I am finally relaunching my blog. It took me quite a while to figure out what I wanted to do with it and what my purpose really was, but here it goes.

I am not a professional stylist or make-up artist and I definitely don’t know how to live your best life. I do, however, know what works for me and I want to share my journey (from make-up to style) with you. Since it is a journey I’m on, I want to start from the beginning with everything.

So here at Eve’s Mess you will find all sorts of new series, which all start from the beginning. That way, if you’re just starting out, you can read through the posts and slowly get to more advanced stuff. I decided to build my blog like this, because I never really found any easy make-up looks or affordable fashion looks online. Most of the time, the make-up they used was too expensive for me or the look was way too difficult for me to do on myself. Same goes for clothes, most of the items were too expensive and the looks also often weren’t appropriate for the job I do. That’s why I mostly read blogs to get some inspiration.

First of all, I will start a series about make-up. I will explain both how you use the brushes and what you use them for, as well as give you different easy make-up look options. Since I do love me some colour, I will also try out different looks with vibrant colours, like a flashy pink or a neon blue. It’ll basically be all about having fun with make-up.

Second of all, I am trying to become a professional stylist. I will probably do my exam during the summer holidays. So I want to share a few basics with you about that. It’s not about following fashion and about having the newest must-haves, but it’s about finding your own style, about making sure you can show your personality through your clothes.

Third of all, I also still want to share my own style with you. You might get inspiration from it, or find new looks to try out.

One of my new year’s resolutions is to travel more, so the fourth series will be all about travelling. I already have a post up about Porto and you can expect one about London and Bruges very soon. Since travelling does cost quite a lot of money, I’ll also go on a few nice one day trips. These kinds of trips are way more affordable, both money wise and time wise.

Finally, the last two things kind of go hand in hand. Lately I’ve been eating pretty unhealthy foods and I want to change that again. I used to eat fairly healthy and because of that I had a lot more energy. So I’m going to focus on becoming healthier again. For me eating healthier is the first step to well-being. So, once I’ve got the eating healthy under control, I can also focus a bit more on my well-being. I want to have a morning routine that works for me and that makes me feel inspired and happy to wake up bright and early in the morning.

These are all the different series I will start on Eve’s Mess, so a lot to look forward to! Here’s to the relaunch of my blog!

x Evelien x


  1. Ann
    April 2, 2019 / 9:18 pm


  2. Ann
    April 3, 2019 / 8:58 am

    Edgar allen poe would be proud.. xoxo

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