My turbulent journey to working out regularly

Working out. It’s something everyone is always going on and on and on about. You have to work out to be healthy. Go on a daily run. Lift weights. You don’t have a membership at a gym?! It’s March, time…

Amazing initiatives to take in order to …

For most people, going green sounds like a no-brainer. In practice though, it can honestly feel a bit weird to jump into. Going green means making some changes and we like what we like: routines, familiar foods, products, places. Yeah,…

Amazing books to read in 2021: fiction edition

In 2020 I started reading a lot more again. These are three books that had a real impact on me and that everyone should absolutely read.

How to organise your life in 2021: part 1

2021: new year, same me, but with better organisational skills. This post will show you how to organise your life in 2021. Let’s do this!

Plant-based lifestyle: why I made the switch

March 2020 is already a memorable month on itself, because it’s the month the whole country (Belgium) went into a national lockdown. However, to me this month is also memorable for something else: the 16th of March I decided to…

Healthy habits to take with me in 2021

New year, same me, right? Except that I do want to introduce a few healthy habits, 5 actually. Let’s see how I get on with these habits.


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