Amazing initiatives to take in order to …

For most people, going green sounds like a no-brainer. In practice though, it can honestly feel a bit weird to jump into. Going green means making some changes and we like what we like: routines, familiar foods, products, places. Yeah,…

Amazing books to read in 2021: fiction edition

In 2020 I started reading a lot more again. These are three books that had a real impact on me and that everyone should absolutely read.

How to organise your life in 2021: part 1

2021: new year, same me, but with better organisational skills. This post will show you how to organise your life in 2021. Let’s do this!

Plant-based lifestyle: why I made the switch

March 2020 is already a memorable month on itself, because it’s the month the whole country (Belgium) went into a national lockdown. However, to me this month is also memorable for something else: the 16th of March I decided to…

Healthy habits to take with me in 2021

New year, same me, right? Except that I do want to introduce a few healthy habits, 5 actually. Let’s see how I get on with these habits.

How to get organised in 2021: the start

I know that becoming organised is a very daunting thing. It seems absolutely impossible, right? But, it’s not! You just have to know where to begin. Welcome to these new series on how to organise! I’m very passionate about this…


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